A Letter from Charles Comerford
President and CEO

2008 was a wonderful year for Antonline.com. Thanks to our valued online customers, partners, associates, corporate clients, and direct customers, we had a very exciting and successful year. I am proud to report that we achieved record annual sales and record earnings from continuing operations. Specifically, our consolidated annual revenue increased 10% over the previous year.

While I am pleased to report our record financials results, I am even more pleased to report that we made significant progress during the current fiscal year in strengthening the foundation of the Company which positions us for even greater success in the years ahead. Antonline.com gained and continues to grow market share through a combination of organic growth, partner development programs, strategic market target segmentation and aggressive marketing and advertising.

In 2008, Antonline.com continued and accelerated our two-part Market Outreach strategy. We enhanced our strategic plan and vision, reaching out more than ever before to under exploited regional and SMB markets. With the strategy and direction in place, the focus was on the expedient execution of the plan. The secondary aspect was to enhance our direct client outreach programs and capabilities in order to strengthen the valued business partner relationship we have built with our customers and clients. In this critical role, we have grown our existing customer base to over 5 million, while monthly transactions and shipments grew and ranged from 50,000 to 85,000 per month in 2008.

To enhance our capabilities, we also invested in new sales process management and marketing management IT infrastructure and associate skills development programs, with full deployment in all our operations. As a result, we experienced higher customer satisfaction, sell rates and increased attach rates during 2008. Due to the success of these programs, we plan to continue deployment during 2009. This has the additional benefit of further enhancing our reputation as a leading provider of business-to-business IT and consumer CE solutions and services with particular expertise in the Linux business server market.

While growing overall market demand and increasing key market segment penetration continued to be challenging in 2008, Antonline.com executed very well - driving growth and strong seasonal results through the fourth quarter.

Based on our ongoing results, we continue to be very excited about our opportunities to leverage Antonline.com.s extensive portfolio of exclusive internal technology development, advanced web 2.0 deployment, mobile platform deployment, hardware, software and services.

As we look forward, we are well positioned for continued success. 2009 goals have remained fairly consistent. They are:

  1. Continue to drive a lasting competitive advantage by enhancing and growing customer, associate, client and strategic business partner relationships;
  2. Improve operational efficiency through continual process and systems improvement and development with best practices adoption;
  3. Accelerate sales and services skills and capabilities to support our business partnership strategy;
  4. Utilize our strategic target customer segmentation selling model to leverage our portfolio of hardware, software and services to expand on existing customer needs;
  5. Grow profitable market share and focus on winning in the marketplace by driving continual improvements in our daily execution and working closely   with our customers and business partners to ensure our success.

As evidence of our commitment to success in 2008, we have directly tied our executive incentive compensation plans to these goals, and we are driving complete alignment throughout the organization.

"Succeeding with our Customers and Partners" is the mantra of our organization in 2009 as we continue to drive the execution of our strategic business vision. We are aligned; focused and motivated to ensure this is a great year for our customers, partners, clients, associates and stockholders.



Charles Comerford
President and CEO
a division of Atlanta Network Technologies. Inc.